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By February 14, 2023April 26th, 2023Blog
enjoy kombucha

Just a few years ago, kombucha wasn’t very well known. People would hear the word “kombucha” and think “Kom-boo-whaaa!”. But now it seems like everywhere you go, there’s places stocked to the max with kombucha. Not that we’re complaining, we love kombucha here at Twisted Kombucha!

The fact is there’s simply no better treat than a chilled kombucha to start your day with a big uplift or end your day (not too late to disturb your beauty sleep due to small caffeine content – more on that later).

But did you know there are other ways to enjoy your kombucha? In this blog, we’ll tell you all about it. We’ll even tell you where to buy a pure kombucha (the unadulterated types), so you gut can get the best results also! Keep reading to find out more about how to eat and drink your daily dose of pure probiotic goodness.

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Today, you can find flavouring in kombucha from herbs, spices, fruit, and surprisingly, even flowers! So, it’s pretty much perfect to drink on it’s own. All you need to do sometimes is add a little ice.

Drinking your kombucha on the rocks is a great way to unwind at the end of the day. Especially if you’re craving a boozy bev Kombucha acts as the perfect healthy replacement. You can even kick it up a notch by freezing herbs and fruits into your ice cubes. This adds a bit of extra flavour and colour to your drink, making it perfect for a fancy glass to make you feel like royalty – inside and out!


Kombucha Overnight Oats makes the most delicious breakfast or snack that’s also easy to digest and nutritious. This probiotic treat is a wonderful way to start the day!

Here’s a recipe I absolutely love! Especially because it’s Gluten-free, Dairy-free and Vegan.


If you’re someone who loves a good smoothie, kombucha can be the perfect addition to your daily drink!

Start by blending some fruit chunks, yogurt, and honey together. Add in your favourite flavouring of kombucha and blend it till it’s smooth. Now you can enjoy a fresh smoothie with a tangy twist.

The best thing about these smoothies is that you’re in charge. You can mix it up however you want and add in your favourite fruits and herbs!

If you like a classic smoothie, go for banana berry. If you prefer a green smoothie, try apple, spinach, kiwi, and banana. You can also make a smoothie bowl if you top it up with granola and peanut butter. Kombucha smoothies are also great for vegan diets. Just replace the yogurt with a coconut, almond or oat alternative and you’re good to go.


If you want to get a buzz going but don’t want to feel horrible the next day because of sugary drinks… kombucha is perfect for you! Just find your favourite cocktail recipe, make it, and use kombucha as one of the base ingredients. And voila! A simple, healthy and natural way to enjoy your drink. You can even garnish it an add a small umbrella to it to be extra fancy.

We think these cocktails go best with our kombuchas:

Not a fan of alcohol? Then a mocktail is perfect for you. If you want to make a mouthwatering kombucha mocktail, here’s one of my recipes!


Remember when you were a kid and enjoyed those classic ice cream soda floats? You can bring that childhood memory back with a healthy twist! Instead of soda, just use your favourite kombucha flavour and top it up with ice cream. You can use a classic vanilla ice cream or even a fruity ice cream for a nice nostalgic flavour kick.

To really go for it, you can also add a bit of homemade fruit syrup and a cute curly straw! (Although we don’t recommend using a plastic straw – a metal straw is perfectly functional and reusable!)

Here’s a recipe I like to use.


Kombucha is best enjoyed chilled. But if you like hot drinks, you should definitely try out mulled kombucha! Just remember that when you heat kombucha, the probiotics in it will not longer be living. But you still get the delicious taste and all the organic acids and antioxidants benefits.

Put some kombucha in a saucepan and throw in a few orange and apple slices. Also add a cinnamon stick, a whole star anise, and a couple of cloves. You can also add in a bit of brown sugar and some whiskey for a kick.

Heat this up and turn off the heat before it reaches a boil. Then, just let it “mull” for a while and cool down a little bit. Strain it and enjoy you mulled kombucha!


The tangy flavouring of kombucha makes it ideal for homemade dressings. Plus, they’re extremely easy to make.

Take your favourite kombucha (flavoured or plain) and add in spices and herbs you like. Whisk some olive oil in, along with a bit of vinegar, pepper and salt. If you want a creamier dressing, you can add in yogurt and mix it well.

Kombucha dressings go well with almost all salads, but you can also use them for chicken or fish.


Sometimes desserts are just too sweet and lack the tang you crave. Kombucha Mousse can help with that!

Adding your favorite kombucha drink to plain cream cheese and berries will give it a tangy taste. Blend it well till it feels like thick yogurt. Once the mixture has been poured into serving glasses, top with more slices of berries and let it chill until ready to serve.

It kind of tastes like cheesecake, but with a modern and tangy twist to it.

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Now that you know that kombucha isn’t JUST a drink, and it’s actually a healthy addition to foods, you’re probably wondering where to buy kombucha so you can get creative with your recipes.

Before you hop into the supermarket next door, remember that kombucha is only as good as its SCOBY. Ensure you source a brand which pays close attention to their cultures. You don’t need or necessarily want any extra additives and sweeteners. Those ingredients completely ruin the essence of the drink and won’t do much good for your gut microbiome (more on that to follow)

So it’s always better to shop small. With small batch brewed brands like Twisted Kombucha, you can be sure your getting all the good ‘gut’ stuff and no artificial gunk and it’s as pure as it can be. You also know the face behind the brand, so you know the amount of care and attention poured into every single bottle

So if you’re considering buying kombucha, why not try something traditionally fermented with the mother. ? We know you’ll love it and come back for more. Visit our online shop to learn more.

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