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Live Healthy

Live Happy

Live Raw

Make your body happy with a delicious handmade Twisted Kombucha, batch-brewed in North London.

We make Kombucha as it should be made, traditionally fermented so it is alive. No big machines, there is no short cut methods used to speed up the process. We don’t pasteurise, no acidifiers or adulteration of the Kombucha in any way. That defeats the purpose of drinking kombucha for its “live probiotic” benefits. Our kombucha is 100% raw and complete with tons of active cultures, low in sugar and can be enjoyed daily as part of your healthy lifestyle choice.

Our Twisted Kombucha is filled with living nutrition that invigorates the body. It’s a functional drink loaded with tons of living beneficial micro-organisms, (live gut loving probiotics), healthy organic acids and bio-active nutrients (vitamins & enzymes). Not only that, it tastes fantastic as well.

Go on, and give your gut a treat because drinking this bubbly booch can help improve your digestive function, improve your overall gut microflora, detoxify your liver and support overall immune system health. Bubbles with benefits!

It’s all about the taste

We pride ourselves in making the tastiest kombucha out there – it’s good in so many ways!!

our vision

To use the finest natural ingredients, sustainable practices and a lot of love & good vibes poured into every handcrafted batch. To authentically brew high quality, raw, unpasteurised, undiluted and unfiltered probiotic healthy drinks.

Fermented Fizz

Twisted Kombucha base tea is a perfectly balanced fusion of Japanese Sencha green tea and Chinese black tea with passionflower.  Want to know more, click below

Chinese black tea with passion flower

The perfect balance of subtle sweetness and tannins for kombucha brewing. Grown in the Xiamen City in Fujian province

Japanese Sencha Green Tea

Grown on the luscious rolling hills of Kyoto and Kyushu, areas known for their ideal climate and soil conditions

Organic unrefined cane sugar

The sugar is eaten by the SCOBY during fermentation and turned into the probiotics, making the kombucha a LOW sugar drink

How can I help you?

I am a fully registered Nutritionist and Food Scientist and also a member of the Association for Nutrition (AFN) and the Institute of Food Science & Technology (IFST) who are the qualifying bodies for food and nutrition professionals based in the UK

My passion is about putting evidence based scientific knowledge and experience to use in helping overcome, manage and prevent health problems by making improvements to diet and lifestyle.

The type of food we eat, our personal relationships, how we exercise our mind and body and even how we nurture our souls and out guts create the blueprint of our genes which will influence our health – positively or negatively which dramatically affects overall health and wellness.

– Lou Dillon (BSc & MSc in Nutrition & Food Science)


I’ve been on a mission to try all the kombucha’s out there and this is by far the best I’ve ever had! Can’t get enough of it. It’s nice to always have different flavours to mix it up abit and always a surprise as she always has a different flavour to try every week. I can only get this once a week from our local market but wished it was stocked in shops so I can just get it whenever. Love it. Highly recommend it! Just coz it’s healthy it doesn’t mean it has to taste nasty.

Eliza Chiu

The most delicious Kombucha I’ve ever tried. I particularly love the red hibiscus, strawberry, and ginger flavour. Delicious! xx

Gabi Markham

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