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Twisted Kombucha is a healthy, full flavoured, naturally sparkling, probiotic drink

It is vegan, raw, low in sugar and contains no preservatives

Authentically hand crafted and batch brewed in North London

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The Scientist

And Lou’s qualifications in Human Nutrition, Public Health, Sports and Exercise (BSc Hons) and a Master of Science in Food Science & Technology (MSc). She knows her stuff!

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Probiotic Cultures

A healing tonic which supports healthy immune and digestive functions

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Raw and Alive as it should be. We promise to nurture the live culture and brew with the mother

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Our promise

To lovingly make you the highest quality kombucha poured into every bottle

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Tastes Great

Using delicious fruits, botanicals & natural herbs and no nasty preservatives

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Low sugar

Sugar fuels the fermentation and creates the effervescence

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Kombucha is made from sweetened tea and a SCOBY (Symbiotic Colony Of Bacteria & Yeasts) – both are left to meander about in a glass jar for a few weeks doing what nature does best. When given the right factors they spontaeniously ferment. The result is an insane unique matrix of living yeast and multitudes of probiotic bacteria, enzymes and micronutrients. 


To flavour our booch we do a secondary fermentation where we naturally infuse real fresh fruits, botanicals and herbs creating delicious flavours.

During fermentation sugar is metabolised (reduced) by the cultures, resulting in healthy organic acids and naturally produced carbonation.



After nature has taken her time, the brew has been tested, tasted and is ready, we lightly filter it to remove any larger strains of yeast that remain. It’s then hand bottled and labelled in our north London brewery.


Just be mindful to keep your booch chilled as it is a LIVING, UNPASTEURIZED and RAW product. Cold storage prevents over fermentation of the kombucha in the bottle.

We want to prevent any explosions!!!

Our ethos is to be sustainable and ethical. We aim to reduce waste production and keep the earth healthy. Our bottles are recycleable and our tea leaves are passed on to a local artisanal skincare maker.

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I began to experiment with my home brewed kombucha in the labs whilst doing a Masters in Food Science, carrying out microbiological, biochemical and analytical testing. After critically analysing kombucha I soon discovered the real benefits of the magical ferment and the physiological roles it plays to aid in healthy digestive and immune functions.

Soon I began having a few ‘eureka’ moments while socialising with friends that were abstaining from alcohol. It dawned on me that they were always frustrated about the lack of choice and bad tasting non alcoholic alternatives.


I was inspired to embark on a journey to become a Kombucha producer, with a vision to have my product served as a healthy alternative to alcohol and high sugar sodas in cafes, bars and restaurants.

So, Twisted Kombucha was born out of a passion for crafting something that would nourish the body and be delicious enough for everyone to love drinking.

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